How do I get Credits to buy new buildings?

Credits can be unlocked from Token Chests or bought for Diamonds in the Store under Currency.

How do I get more Tokens?

You earn Tokens for successfully raiding other bases. There is a daily cap to the number of Tokens you can earn.

How do I get more Diamonds?

Diamonds are slowly generated in your base, and you can also purchase them in the Store.

How do I unlock more heroes?

Heroes are unlocked in Chests which can be found under the store. In the chests you get Hero Cards that unlocks new heroes and can be used to upgrade the hero tier.

How do I place walls?

When you buy a wall you need to first place it so it does not intersect with another building. After you have placed it you can select it and use the green arrows to resize it. By resizing it to only one wall element you can also change the direction of the wall.

It seems I am losing Aeonite!

There are always people out to steal your Aeonite in the valley, so most likely you were raided. You can check in the Raid Log to see who attacked you and replay the attack to see how you can better defend against enemies. Make sure to staff your base with mercenaries to take care of any attacker!

How do I change my graphics setting?

You can change it under Settings (the cog wheel next to your player name in the upper left corner). Remember that turning graphics up too much might affect battery life and frame rate.


Can I transfer my account to a new device?

You can link your account with Facebook or Email account to transfer it to another device.

Can I reset my account?

You are not able to reset your account right now.

Can I reset my password?

If you have linked your email address to your account you can reset your password HERE.

My questions are not covered here, where can I get help?

You can join our Discord or mail us at support@raidvalley.com